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E-Newsletters WORK!

This time of year can be tough for me and I am so excited to work with @Jenny.mirich and Catalytic Wellness on their Feel Better series that just started. Each email has motivation, tips, tricks, hacks, links, etc. that help brighten your mood and shift your view. Perfect for staying sane through the holidays! I am kinda obsessed. Really, I want all the peeps I love to feel fabulous! Here is an excerpt from her latest post:

Shocking confession in 3...2...1


I'm really sick of the word "empowered". There, I said it. Why am I sick of it, you ask? Well, first of all, it's everywhere and when something is everywhere it starts to lose meaning. More importantly, the very structure of the word implies that someone else gives you power. The prefix "em-" means to furnish with....meaning that someone is doing the furnishing. It breaks down like this: EM-POWER-ED. Someone gave you power, once.

This is a lie.

You already have power. No one needs to give it to you. You ARE powerful, by the very virtue of being the owner of your body, your mind, your history, your actions, your thoughts and your habits. You are in control of your own life.

All you need to do, babe, is realize it, shine it up a little ...and then do something with your power. ************************************** Basically, from now until Thanksgiving she sends out a personal email each S/T/Th with a different theme about feeling better. If you want to get them too, check out the links below.

Check out the full email here:…/empowerment-feel-better-series

To sign up and get the emails yourself, go here: #feelbetter #empoweredwomen#yougotthis #gogirl #catalyticwellness#pivot #pivotpoint#pivotcreativeandconsulting #pivotcandc #emailmarketing #newsletter


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