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Is Email Dead? Think again.

Image courtesy of MailChimp

Think that email is dead? Wonder if your clients/customers hate hearing from you in their inbox? Well, you'd be wrong.

Email is one of the most effective communication and marketing tools businesses and non-profits have in their arsenal. A whopping 59% of B2B (business to business) marketers report that email marketing is their most effective channel for generating revenue, and marketers continue to find ways to innovate.

While there is a line you shouldn't cross (10 emails a day, anyone?) You'd be surprised by how often people actually WANT to hear from you! It is way more than you think. :)

The key to getting email marketing right, is that you must know your audience and target your messages. People don't want to get crap that does not matter to them filling their inbox. However, current, relevant, thoughtful, and engaging messages? Heck, yes!

Think of a company, or even charity, that you love. What do you do when they reach out to you? Do you read it? I do. Maybe they are going to tell me something important (and I get to feel like an insider!) or maybe they will offer me a special deal (again, making me feel like I am in the inner circle). If the message is solid, and pertains to things I am interested, I want to read it. And please send me more!

If you are not getting great returns in your email campaigns, it may be time for you to evolve. Consider the following:

Grow Your List Through Opt-In

Set up a pop-up on your homepage to collect emails in exchange for something awesome! The easiest way to get a good opt-in email subscriber base is to offer visitors something of value, such as a content download like an infographic, webinar or a discount on a product or service in exchange for their email information.


Consumers do not mind being targeted by email as long as that email is relevant and specific to their needs. One way to make sure your message is relevant to your company’s prospects is through email segmentation. Divide up your subscriber list into smaller segments based on specific criteria such as geographic location, interests or behavior (such as purchase history), just to name a few. This helps you make it personal!

Email Autoreply

An email autoresponder is an email or sequence of emails that are automatically distributed to your subscriber list after being triggered by a certain event, such as when consumers sign up for your email newsletter, abandon their shopping cart, download an e-book or purchase a product.

Email autoresponders help nurture your leads, turn them into customers and free up your time to focus on other important tasks for your business.Combined with email segmentation, email autoresponders are an extremely powerful tool.

Use All Your Channels!

Some businesses make the mistake of always looking for the next hot thing in marketing and advertising. One month it's Twitter, and the next month it's Snapchat.

But the best digital marketing strategies do not involve putting all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, focus on a multichannel approach. And in terms of multichannel, email’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

So stick with what works, just polish your tactics up a bit and let PIVOT Creative and Consulting help you!


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